Our Story

In 2018, I made a life-altering decision: I walked away from my corporate job, not in pursuit of fortune, but to deepen my connection with Jesus and focus on caring for my youngest daughter who is on the autism spectrum. Little did I know, this shift in perspective would unlock the door to a lifelong dream—an entrepreneurial venture with a purpose beyond the ordinary.

Fueling my passion for spreading the gospel, I embarked on a creative journey that led me to Christian e-commerce. My days are now filled with running on-line store operations and designing Christian T-shirts, Christian hoodies, and an array of accessories such as Christian beanies and hats, Christian jewelry, that all carry the essence of powerful Bible-based designs and verses.

What sets us apart is the collaborative spirit—we join hands with fellow Christians to offer you a collection that breathes life into Scripture in a way you won't find elsewhere, whether online or in brick and mortar stores.

But it doesn't stop there. Every piece of jewelry, keychain, and wall art piece we showcase is a result of careful curation from American small business artisans, each one lovingly crafted in the USA.

Our mission goes beyond e-commerce. It's about declaring the love of God through salvation found in Jesus. With the world caught in the storm of these tumultuous times, our brand seeks to be a beacon of encouragement. We navigate through the chaos armed with powerful Scripture-inspired messages and symbols, offering a lifeline to those grappling with the challenges of these end times.

Ours is a journey of faith and a story of hope woven into every product we offer. Join us in spreading love and salvation, and bringing light to a world that sorely needs it. Welcome to Amela's Chamber—where faith meets fashion, and each piece tells a story of resilience, love, and the enduring power of God's Word.

In Jesus’ Service,

Amela Chamberlain

Amela and Bart Chamberlain

Each of our pieces tells a story of devotion to Jesus. Speak volumes with our Christian products! (Read more...)