How To Care For/ Wash Amela's Chamber Clothing

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How To Care For/ Wash Amela's Chamber Clothing

At Amela's Chamber, our mission is the calling of God. To spread the good news of salvation in Jesus and to do it urgently, as it really is more important  than most of us realize and time is running out.

We want to accomplish this mission and we want to do it through our excellent quality Christian clothing. Choosing the right materials and model of printing our clothing designs is important to us because it shows how much we care about this mission, and making your partnership that much more enticing for you! 

Our clothing does require specific washing and drying requirements but we'll explain below why they have such particular instructions and what those instructions are below. 

What Method Of Printing Does Amela's Chamber Use, And Why? 

In the production of clothing, there are two main ways to print designs and text onto fabric. These two modalities are screen printing and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. 

Screen printing is using a mesh screen to lay the ink over the top of the fabric you're working with, where direct-to-garment printing lets the ink sink into the fabric. We use direct-to-garment printing for a number of reasons, all amounting to more benefits for you, so let's list them! 

  • Broader Design Options: DTG printing allows for an unlimited color palette and more intricate design options, which we love for the unlimited customizable potential. 
  • More Sustainable: DTG printing is also a more sustainable business model than the overproduced screen printing market, which puts less strain on the environment and reduces fast fashion waste. After all, God told Adam to take care of the garden and all that inhabited it. We love to further this mission in His glory! 
  • Long Lasting Results: As long as your DTG printed clothing is properly cared for, direct-to-garment printed clothing stays vibrant and fresh for a long time. 

  • How To Care For DTG Printed Items

    Has it ever happened to you? You've just opened your brand new, men's Christian hoodie, ready to pop it into a hot wash cycle, then dry it, and Bam! You notice a slight crack or faded area before you even get to wear it? You probably purchased a direct-to-garment printed item that wasn't meant to be washed in such a way. So what are the care instructions? 

    First things first, you need to turn the garment inside-out so that the design or text is on the inside of the item. This will keep the abrasive metal and plastic in your washer and dryer from damaging the design. 

    Next, you'll want to wash it in cold water, on a gentle cycle. Then, transfer to your dryer on a tumble dry, low heat setting and you're done! 

    Taking good care of your items is a vital part of keeping them looking and feeling good for years, for all things, not just clothes. Check out our website today for high-quality Christian clothes, accessories, and men's Christian hoodies!

    Each of our pieces tells a story of devotion to Jesus. Speak volumes with our Christian products! (Read more...)