What Makes Clothing Christian?

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What Makes Clothing Christian?


We deeply understand the struggle of Christians to find quality, stylish Christian apparel. For example, some Christian brands may embrace cultural standards that are not up to what we believe are Christian standards. You might see an ad for women's Christian hoodies that look cute, but upon further inspection says something like "I love Jesus, but I still cuss." 

At Amela's Chamber we work really hard, and pray over every piece of clothing and accessory in our shop to ensure it will communicate the message and purpose of Jesus Christ. Both to empower Christians every day and to open up conversations to others! So what makes clothing Christian? 

The Message 

We believe that Christian apparel should always come down to the message of Jesus found in the Word of God. 

We really try to zero in on Christianity being the only way to obtain eternal life and that receiving Jesus as your savior is an urgent necessity in your life! We point to Jesus in our clothing through scripture and symbols like the cross and the lion of Judah. 

We especially love using the cross and lion of Judah on jewelry and small accessories. These are recognizable symbols that communicate our beliefs, while not needing a lot of space to do so! 

The Purpose

Our purpose is ultimately to use our clothing as a way to light a spark in someone's relationship with Jesus. Whether that's by causing someone to think, ask questions, or pray to God about something we are putting out there, we hope everyone who sees our clothing is touched in some way and reaches out to God because of it. 

We want to fulfill this by also working within the confines of what the Word teaches, like in our women’s Christian hoodies example above. 

Some companies may be communicating conflicting messages with clothing like that. We want to be representative of our faith by being an extension of scripture, in lieu of being "on trend" in that way. 

If you are looking for purposeful and scripture-minded Christian apparel, check out our website today and start spreading the good news!

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