What Ways Can You Share Your Faith With Your Clothing And Accessories?

Posted by Amela Chamberlain on

What Ways Can You Share Your Faith With Your Clothing And Accessories?


Our clothing and accessories tell the world so much about us, it's only natural that fashion for believers in Christ is so popular; It's a huge part of our identities! Who wouldn't want to scream it from the rooftops, if you know the good news? 

Amela's Chamber started because we have an important and urgent message that we believe needs to be spread, and fast! We are given a mission from God to proclaim the gospel (Mark 16:15), and we do not take that mission lightly, as we strive to create purposeful and meaningful Christian clothing for men and women to join us in our mission! 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and encourage and uplift other Christians through our fashion. 

We are incredibly purposeful about everything we sell, praying over each and every aspect of the designs and slogans. We make such a conscious effort to not just make fluffy, diluted pieces, because we don't want to dilute the importance of our message with silly memes or cultural statements that truly go against the Word. 

We pick strong messages with biblical truth, which makes us different from a lot of other Christian clothing brands that chase fads over the Word of Jesus. 

We don't just use cute, out-of-context verses, we seek to really bluntly put the gospel out into the world so people who may not otherwise know Him, can quickly read about salvation through Christ and that it's a pressing matter, even if they've never thought about it before.  

The ABC's Of Salvation 

The ABC's of salvation are a simple way to share the gospel without beating around the bush. We first learned about them from our pastor and have them on the back of our two-sided shirts, hoodies and sweaters, we loved them so much! 

The ABC's of salvation are: 

A: Admit you're a sinner.

B: Believe Jesus is Lord. 

C: Call upon His name. 

The information taught is so invaluable, there are still people who do not know Jesus and may have never been told a thing about Him. The ABC's are so effective because it is so simple, yet so profound. 

We see so many men buying our ABC shirts especially, because there just isn't a huge market yet for men's Christian T-Shirts, so we know the men really appreciate something that is more tailored to their style, and less "fluffy" as we said earlier. 

What About Accessories? 

Every woman knows accessories can really add a personal touch to your wardrobe. If you're like me, you may have only a couple sentimental or especially meaningful pieces in your accessories collection. 

A cross is always a great way to showcase your faith through your accessories, as it is a simple and widely recognized image. It brings the literal image of Jesus' sacrifice to the forefront of the mind and I think that's a beautiful expression of faith. 

Keychains, bags, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are all extremely popular Christian accessories because they are so easily seen daily and an excellent opportunity to spread the good news! 

For all of the men that we just lost, it's not just limited to accessories on your body- we even have bumper stickers and other outreach products you'd love! Plus tons of Christian T-Shirts for men among other items, so check out our store today and start spreading the good news!

Each of our pieces tells a story of devotion to Jesus. Speak volumes with our Christian products! (Read more...)